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The Belle Plaine Basketball Association tournaments are the primary source of income for the Association. The BPBA could not exist without the fundraising done during these tournaments. Without successful tournaments, player registration fees would be higher. Holding a successful tournament requires a substantial commitment of time and energy by volunteers. Each family provided a check for $200 as a Volunteer Deposit upon tryouts to ensure the support needed. BPBA will shred the volunteer deposit check after the family meets the minimum volunteer commitment: 6 hours at the BPBA sponsored event for each of our BPBA families. We have a max of 12 hours per family.

BPBA will cash the complete volunteer deposit checks for all families that have not met their volunteer commitment. Work that can be donated includes; concessions, general clean-up, and open gym supervisor. However, the volunteer deposit is an Association function, not community ed, so volunteering at community ed sponsored events does not count towards our 6 six-hour commitment. We thank everyone for their on going support!