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What are Great Teams made of?

1. Positve Energy Givers

2. Committed Athletes

3. Team Leaders

4. Gatekeepers of the Culture

5. Encouragers

6. WE people not ME people

7. Selflessness

8. Optimism

9. Good Communicators

10. Confidence that is Earned

16th Annual Tiger Paw Tournament (Jan 21-22)

Brackets for The 16th Annual Tiger Paw Challenge are available on Tourney Machine!

Check the Volunteer tap for opportunities to sign-up!



Developing Resilience

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Proud Member of the Minnesota Youth Basketball Alliance (MYBA)--Since 2020

Unifying the Community-Based Winter Basketball Experience! BPBA is an MYBA COVID-19 RETURN TO PARTICIPATION PLEDGE signing Organization!

Belle Plaine Basketball  Association

Belle Plaine Basketball Association

Scott Schulz - President

Phone: 612-269-3505

Tough-minded players are so fun to have as a teammate:

They make no excuses.

They take responsibility for their actions.

They believe in preparation with a purpose.

They fight off all temptations that interfere with their goals.

They stand up for themselves.

They have strong core values that they apply daily to their purpose.

Most of the toughest competitors I’ve coached learned these traits from their parents who then released them to the sport, the coach and the team.

Tryout Results

Please follow the directions on the teams page to find out if you earned a spot on a team.

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Coaches Corner

Coaches Corner